Author: matt

Night Moves

June 14, 2018

It had been four days since the dead man had come to see me and Phobie had just brought the good news. His body has caught up with my prognostications and he died some time early this morning. He will be buried tomorrow so that means I will have to collect my effigy tonight before… [ Read More ]

The Arrogance of Experience

June 13, 2018

“Assume the position.” I thought I would have more time, Pilis usually spends the first hours of morning in his study. Reluctantly I drop to my knees and remove my tunic. Whack. The world opens up. Whack. Light begins to vibrate. Whack. My head is spinning. Whack. I fall forward. “Back up, I am not… [ Read More ]

The Arrogance of Youth

June 7, 2018

“Fetch the water… SET; Fetch the Water!” Without speaking I rise and leave the room with a practiced efficiency. My master Pilis is not to be bargained with. Not particularly cruel but someone 300 years old can not learn new things. He has never been swayed from an opinion or even considered what I say.… [ Read More ]

Market Day

June 5, 2018

“This will cure you. Bleed the wound twice a day.” A simple knife wound, had they come sooner he might have lived. “Take this effigy and leave it under his bed. It will absorb death’s miasma.”   Turns out dead men can walk and talk, even pay. He hands over what coins has has. “Thank… [ Read More ]

Morning Shift

May 31, 2018

Forget politics. Man does not eat his supper by the dictates of the council. He pays my wage yet knows not my name. My friends die for him yet he does not mourn. My days obscured as they are to a single frame. … . . ! …!! . !   “Arise Bartuc! Sleep poisons… [ Read More ]

A Quiet Night

May 29, 2018

Cold. So cold. I was proud of my home spun coat, stitched under a happy autumn sun. Its thinness and loose stitching unknown during happier days. My destination, a mountain lodge still 2 full days away, and that is without any more snow.   In these hills the wolves are often louder and more frequent.… [ Read More ]

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