Norman Rockwell Does Long Haul Trucking: A Preview of Mint Delivery

August 28, 2017

Mint Delivery goes live on Kickstarter tomorrow at 9 AM CDT so don’t miss out!!! ( I was one of the play testers for Mint Delivery so my opinion is not without bias, but it also means I have some added perspective and a head start on some of the deeper strategies. That is what… [ Read More ]

My Kingdom for a Skull: A Review of Tribes of Balbur

June 11, 2017

I stumbled across this game because one of the pixel artists I follow on twitter did the art for the game and posted about it. Saint’s pixel art tutorials are a thing of beauty and to see the rich hand drawn line art in this game really conveys his range of competence as an artist.… [ Read More ]

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