Heavy Industry in Mintopia: A Mint Works Tournament Report

December 18, 2017

Through the grape vine as it were, I heard the Across The Board guys were holding a Five24 Labs demo day. That in and of itself is pretty cool but what really got me excited is they were hosting a Mint Works Tournament. Being that Mint Works has been a perennial lunch time favorite of… [ Read More ]

Norman Rockwell Does Long Haul Trucking: A Preview of Mint Delivery

August 28, 2017

Mint Delivery goes live on Kickstarter tomorrow at 9 AM CDT so don’t miss out!!! ( I was one of the play testers for Mint Delivery so my opinion is not without bias, but it also means I have some added perspective and a head start on some of the deeper strategies. That is what… [ Read More ]

The High Cost Of Small Errors

August 23, 2017

The first printing of Jack’s Friends arrived the beginning of this month and within two minutes of opening the first production copy I realized we had made a grave error. This is my attempt at a post mortem of the problem. I will cover what happened, how or why it happened, what we are doing… [ Read More ]

My Kingdom for a Skull: A Review of Tribes of Balbur

June 11, 2017

I stumbled across this game because one of the pixel artists I follow on twitter did the art for the game and posted about it. Saint’s pixel art tutorials are a thing of beauty and to see the rich hand drawn line art in this game really conveys his range of competence as an artist.… [ Read More ]

On Birthdays and counting to 253

April 19, 2017

There is a well known math problem, that is supposed to shake our intuition about numbers, known as the birthday problem. The premise is how many people would there need to be in a room to have a 50% chance of at least 2 people having the same birthday. Before we move ahead a similar… [ Read More ]

Jack’s Friends Part III: The Long Road to Essen

March 29, 2017

In order to understand how Jack’s Friends came to be, it is important to take a step back in time, to the early part of 2015, to when my brother and I had decided to really make a play at designing board games. We had been kicking around a number of ideas for a good… [ Read More ]

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